Mrs Lim Peng Siang

Wee Guat Choo Neo

The Straits Times, 29 September 1950, Page 6
Buried at Bukit Brown Blk 3 B plot no 51 
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Syonan Shimbun, 24 March 1944, Page 2
Lim Seow Kiew
Lim Seow Eng
Lim Seow Chong 
Lim Seow Leong
Lim Seow Chuan
Lim Seow Peng 
Lim Seow Beng
Lim Seow Peng
Lim Seow Khoon
Lim Siew Leng - Mrs Chua Chow Teck (younger brother of Chua Keh Hai)
Lim Siew Khim - Mrs Chia Poh Koon
Mrs Tay Hwa Choon
Lim Siew Kheng - Mrs Teo Thian Lye 
Lim Siew Chwee

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Syonan Shimbun, 1 April 1944, Page 2
Lim Peng Siang was originally buried in Bukit Brown but was brought back in 1948 to be buried in his home in China by his son Lim Seow Peng

The founder of Guat Hoon Vegetarian Temple Lim Peng Siang ESQ