Lim Dwan Inn

Lim Dwan Inn

合興 Lim Hap Hin 
瑞蓮 Lim Swee Lian 

Wife empty tomb for Yeo Ai Lin


In Loving Memory of 
The Late 
Mr Lim Dwan Inn
Died on 12th June 1920
Age 37 years 
Beloved father of
Master Lim Hup Hin and Miss Lim Swee Lian


瑞蓮甲辰四月廿五日丑時生 (1904 Jun 8) 
Lim Swee Lian was born on Jun 8, 1904 and died on 11th Sep 1943 

Yeo Ai Lin remarried again to Dr S K Lim (Dr Lim Soon Kian) in 1925 

First try - At the tomb of Lim Dwan Inn in 1923 at Lao Sua, from L to R
Yeo Beng Teck, unknown, unknown, Yeo Ai Lin, Lim Swee Lian, Lim Hap Hin (baby), Nicolin Tan, Lee Ah Chiang

Taken from  Sarong Kebaya: Peranakan Fashion in an Interconnected World'.

The grave of Liem Dwan In, a native of Juana in east Java, at Bukit Brown, with food offerings placed before it, 1923. The inscription on the grave of his wife, Yeo Ai Lin was painted red, as she was still alive at that time. Interestingly the tomb guardians are all painted in various tones. Photograph courtesy of the Lim family, Singapore.

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