Mrs Tan Hong Tek nee Quah Cheng Lian



In Loving Memory of
Quah Cheng Lian
Wife of Tan Hong Tek
Who died on 

The Straits Times, 1 September 1952, Page 6

Kept vow to build church
The Straits Times, 1 September 1952, Page 5

南洋商报, 1 September 1952, Page 5

Choir sings at graveside
The Straits Times, 2 September 1952, Page 7
南洋商报, 4 September 1952, Page 8


Rough translation :

The body returns back 
The energy emits bright 
The good news cometh
The soul forever rest

The tomb epitaph : God moves in a mysterious way. Tan Hong Tek first wife died at a tender age of 18. Although the sons inscribed only has the last name corresponding to his known sons Kiat Swee and Kiat Hin, (here it is inscribed Ghim Swee and Ghim Hin), because of the Chinese poem with the Christian angle, and the phrase God moves in a mysterious way and the fact that he has the exact same name in Chinese and English, same ancestral village from the Chinese archives and the ancestral village was described to the village level , I am pretty sure (I may still be wrong) the husband who built this tomb for his wife was Tan Hong Tek who made a vow to build a church during the Japanese occupation, fulfilled his vow and paid for the cost of the Methodist Church at Bedok. He was finally buried in Bidadari

Blk 2A 118, behind tomb of Wee Ann Lock