Soh Hong Soon

Soh Hoon Soon

Soh Peng Lim
Soh Cheng Lim
Soh Yew Hock
Soh Yew Jin
Soh Yew Guan

In memory of 
Soh Hong Soon
Born 27th May 1835
Died 22nd June 1928 

Sons Soh Peng Lim
Grands Sons
Soh Yew Chin
Soh Yew Guan
Soh Yew Kiat
Soh Chin Choo
Great Grand Sons
Soh Giow Sian
Soh Giow Chuan
Soh Giow Poey

The Directory & Chronicle for China, Japan, Corea, Indo-China, Straits Settlements 1888

Assistants : Soh Peng Lim
Cashier : Soh Hong Soon

Death of Mrs Soh Hong Soon nee Mdm Chan in Sep 1905 ,
Buried at private burial ground at 4th mile Serangoon Road

Death of Soh Hong Soon

Malaya Tribune, 22 June 1928, Page 8

Soh - Soh Hong Soon, beloved father of Soh Peng Lim, and grandfather of Soh Yew Guan,
at his residence No 3 Stanley Street, on Friday Jun 22, 1928, at 5 am. Aged 94 years


The Straits Times, 26 September 1956, Page 8

Mrs Soh Peng Lim nee Koh Sim Tian died in 1956 .

Mother of Soh Yew Guan