Soh Hong Chuan and Koh Leng Tian Neo

Soh Hong Chuan and Koh Leng Tian Neo

天運歲次庚申年腊月 1920/1921

輝池 Soh Wee Tee 
淑賢 Soh Siok Hian 
珠娘 Soh Choo Neo 
佩玉 Soh Puey Geok 

In Loving Memory of
Koh Leng Tian 
Mrs Soh Hong Chuan 

Son : Soh Wee Tee
Son in law : Tan Kok Sin 

Straits Times 22 Jan 1921

Death of Koh Leng Tian Neo, eldest daughter of Koh Eng Hoon, beloved wife of Soh Hong Chuan,
aged 69 years on 22 January 1921 

82 Amoy Street, eldest daughter of the late Koh Eng Hoon 

Straits Times 1922 Nov 23

The death occured at his residence, Woodsdale 622 Upper Serangoon Road, this morning, of Mr Soh Hong Chuan, a retired merchant. He had been ailing fo the last
few months and died in his eightieth year. Deceased was one of the earliest settlers in Singapore and a pioneer in the rattan and produce business under Chop Chin Hong and Co

Tan Kok Sin was killed in a car accident on Apr 30, 1938 . He was an employee of Straits Times Press in charge of Advertisement Department 

Fatal Motor Accident

The Straits Times, 8 May 1938, Page 5

Killed On Eve Of Silver Wedding

Malaya Tribune, 12 May 1938, Page 12

Page 2 Advertisements Column 1

Syonan Shimbun, 3 January 1945, Page 2

Tan Hong Tian, second son of Tan Seng Chuan engaged to 

Soh Puay Kim, eldest daughter of Soh Wee Tee of 75 Koven Road