Wee Teck Leong - 黃德龍

Wee Teck Leong 黃德龍 and Kho Seok Eng 許淑英

In Loving Memory of 

Wee Teck Leong 

Age 62 years 

Died on 4th January 1943

In Loving Memory of

Kho Seok Eng 

Age 70 years 

Died on 14th February 1962 


TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1899.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (Weekly), 20 April 1899, Page 11


Hackney Carriage and Jinricksha Department

Registrar W E Hooper 

Clerks :  Wee Teck Swee and Wee Teck Leong