Tan Tew Neo, mother of Wee Keng Hoe and Wee Seok Neo

Tan Tew Neo, mother of Wee Keng Hoe and Wee Seok Neo 

Tan Tew Neo alias Tan Nyachik was also daughter of Tan Kim Tian 

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. Births, Marriages And Deaths DEATH.

Malaya Tribune, 13 November 1931, Page 8

Tan Tew Neo alias Tan Nyachik 


Wee Keng Hoe 


Wee Seow Neo 

Mother in law of 

Ngeow Nian Chin 

775 North Bridge Road 


Ngeow Ser Lim

Ngeow Ser Sin


Ngeow Choo Neo Mrs Wee Cheng Woo

Ngeow Ngim Neo 

Great grandson

Ngeow Yoong Kee


Cheang Keam Kiong 

Burial plot Blk 3 B tomb no 497
Age 66 years (ie born 1865)

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCE. Births, Marriages And Deaths. DEATH.

Malaya Tribune, 21 November 1931, Page 8

Wee Seok Neo died 11 days after her mother Tan Tew Neo died on 9 Nov 1931
Blk 3 B Plot No 480  
Age 48 years (ie born 1883)


Malaya Tribune, 15 April 1930, Page 10

Wee Keng Hoe 30-B Killiney Road

Age 46

Buried in Block 3 A, plot no 648