Mrs Seah Liang Seah nee Lim Soo Lan 佘連城夫人林素蘭

Mrs Seah Liang Seah  nee Lim Soo Lan 佘連城夫人林素蘭

Since the tomb have two names - husband and wife, typically that of a Teochew style tomb, Identity of tomb is confirmed by looking at tombstone, burial records and other documents such as funeral procession details etc to confirm the identity.

勉然佘公 Seah Liang Seah 佘勉然
素蘭林 Lim Soo Lan 

終于卅一年四月十九日 (1942 Jun 2)

Bukit Brown burial registry

She died at the age of 71 in Jun 1942 
Buried at Blk 3D, plot no 160 

Based on the burial records, this tomb is that of Lim Soo Lan.

終于一九二五年乙丑七月廿七日 (1925 Sep 14)

Her husband Seah Liang Seah died in 1925, 7th month 29th day and was buried in their family burial ground in Thompson Road.  His tomb has been exhumed and placed in a temple.  

From the tomb structure, it looks like Lim Soo Lan’s tomb has also been exhumed 

Mr. Seah Liang Seah.

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Seah, Eng Khway (1899 - 1949)
Identifier: RCS: E004581
Full Name: Seah, Eng Khway
Date of Birth: 27 June 1899
Place of Birth: Singapore
Date of Death: 29 August 1949
Place of Death: Finden, Sussex
General Surgeon
MRCS 31 July 1924
FRCS 8 June 1933
LRCP 1924
Born at Singapore, 27 June 1899, the son of Seah-Liang Seah and his wife, Lim-Soo Lan. He was educated at Hong Kong University, and at King's College Hospital, London, where he served as assistant casualty officer. He practised at Coulsdon, Surrey, and served as assistant surgeon at Horton Emergency Hospital during the war of 1939-45. Seah married an English wife, who survived him with a daughter and two sons. He died at Findon, Sussex, on 29 August 1949, aged 50.
Royal College of Surgeons of England
Brit med J 1949, 2, 660, no memoir
Information from Mrs Seah
Rights: Copyright (c) The Royal College of Surgeons of England
Publication Date: 30 October 2013
Collection: Plarr's Lives of the Fellows