Puey Yean Chuan 方淵泉 and Wee Hock Neo

方淵泉 Puey Yean Chuan

方長輝 Puay Tiang Hwee
方長明 Puay Tiang Beng

Malaya Tribune, 3 October 1930, Page 8

Mrs Puey Yean Chuan nee Wee Hock Neo 
Puey Tiang Hwee
Puey Tiang Beng 
Puey Whatt Neo 
Puey Seng Neo

Older Brother 
Wee Thong Poh 

Puey Yean Chuan has 4 wives.  Wee Hock Neo was the third wife. The second wife was Ong Choon Neo, daughter of Ong Sam Leong

Buried in Blk 3 B, Plot No 598

Death of Mr. Puey Eng Hong.
The Straits Times, 6 June 1907, Page 7

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The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 18 November 1907, Page 7

Puey Eng Hong 

The Straits Times, 15 April 1914, Page 10

Ong Sam Leong president of Bun Chye HOE club 

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Malaya Tribune, 8 May 1915, Page 15

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Malaya Tribune., 28 September 1918, Page 4

Lim Leong Hay Neo 
Koh Gwek Lian 

Lim Tian Sang
Lim Tian Choe 

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Malaya Tribune., 9 January 1919, Page 5

Sunday Tribune (Singapore), 26 May 1935, Page 2

Sons in law of Ong Sam Leong
Lim Teck Kim
Puey Yean Chuan
Khoo Peck Lock 

Sister Puey Swee Choo Neo , Mrs Tan Leong Chin 

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Syonan Shimbun, 17 November 1944, Page 2

Son: Tan Cheng Eng