Toh Chin Joo, Father of Toh Chih Yee

Toh Chin Joo, Father of Toh Chih Yee

Wife : Neo Ker


Toh Chih Yee
Toh Khai Kok
Toh Khai Lam
Toh Khai Teng

Toh Ai Wah
Toh Ai Choo
Toh Ai Kim

Obituary Notice of Toh Chih Yee mentioning about the road names

Do u know the street names Toh Crescent, Toh heights, Toh Ave, Toh Close, Toh Dr, Chin Terrace ? Thanks to descendant's info, Charles Goh bought the land deeds and Yik Han confirm the Nam Ann link and road connection, we have found another road pioneer buried in Bukit Brown Blk 5C, that of Toh Chin Joo and his wife Neo Ker. His son was the famous contractor Toh (Cho) Chih Yee who developed these land and named the roads after his father Toh Chin Joo