Mrs Tan Hap Swee nee Lim Wah Neo

Mrs Tan Hap Swee nee Lim Wah Neo 

Syonan Shimbun, 19 October 1943, Page 2

Page 2 Advertisements Column 3
Syonan Shimbun, 7 March 1944, Page 2

The Straits Times, 7 November 1908, Page 6

Death of Tan Hap Swee in Nov 1908

ST 21 Feb 1997 

ONG Oo Kin Tan Oo Kin AGE 80 YEARS wife of the late Kho Lian Hock passed away peacefully on 20.2.97, leaving behind Sons: Daughters-in-law: Kho Kok Heng, Mickey Julia Lee Kho Kok Meng, Jeffrey Apraceneger R. Mondal Daughters: Sons-in-law: Kho Kok Im, Grace Marie Kho

Tan Oo Kin was born 1917 and adopted by Ong Kim Tiang 
Mrs Tan Hup Swee was born 1871.  Assuming similar age, Hap Swee would be around 40 when he died.

Malaya Tribune, 17 September 1934, Page 10

Tan Oo Kin married in October 1934 to Kho Lian Hock, 4th son of Kho Keng Chuan