Chia Leong Chuan and Mrs Chia Leong Chuan nee Song Chit Neo

Mrs Chia Leong Chuan nee Song Chit Neo


In Loving Memory of
Madam Song Chit Neo 
琳娘 Daughter Chia Lim Neo
瑞洲 Ong Swee Chew
瑞岩 Ong Swee Gam
瑞福 Ong Swee Hock
瑞昌 Ong Swee Chiang 
Granddaughter Ong Swee Neo 

26 Jan 1921

Song Chit Neo, Mrs Chia Leong Chuan
On Jan 23rd, at 1.15 am aged 63 years, at Woodsville, off Serangoon Road, the residence of her Daughter, Mrs Ong Tek Lim. 

Ong Tek Lim was the husband of Chua Lim Neo and the son of Ong Kew Ho. 

Song Chit Neo was the sister of Song Ong Siang 


The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 25 June 1930, Page 401

Ong Swee Chiang married Gaw Bee Neo, daughter of Gaw Khek Khiam