Tan Sin Kiat

Tan Sin Kiat and Chew Siew Poh 

Tomb of Tan Sin Kiat and wife Mdm Chew Siew Poh


玉霜. Tan Gek Song 

男孫. Grandson 
寅申. Tan In Sien 
明娘.Tan Beng Neo 
江娘.Tan Kang Neo

Translation of the Dutch words:
Kapitan of the Chinese of Singkep
Born in Semarang 25 October 1872
Died in General Hospital
(Singapore) 17 February 1938

Chinese Kapiten's tomb has inscriptions of two ancient Chinese poems 


The mighty wind sweeps the water,
Bending and breaking the trees and woods.
My heart is bitter as if I were dying,
Yet I cannot find rest or respite.

A hundred years flow by like a stream,
Wealth and honor turn to cold ashes.
The great Way is daily diminished,
What use are heroic talents?

The valiant warrior unsheathes his sword,
Overwhelmed by a deep and pervasive sorrow.
Rustling, the fallen leaves descend,
The rain drips upon the mossy stones.


The divine resides in wealth and honor,
But first it treats gold as trifling.
Riches when exhausted must wither,
While simplicity often deepens.

Mist lingers by the waterside,
Crimson apricots bloom in the grove.
The moon shines on the decorated house,
A painted bridge under emerald shade.

The golden cup is filled with wine,
I play the lute for my guest.
Taking as I need, I am fulfilled,
Thoroughly drained of the beauty within.

These two poems are attributed to Tang dynasty poet Shi Kuang Bao, also known as Shi Kuang or 司空図.

Shi Kuang Bao was known for his ability to blend Daoist and Confucian influences in his writings. His poems often grapple with the challenges of navigating the political and social realities of his time, while maintaining an inner tranquility.

Burial plot 

Block 4 C, plot No 1256 (Age 67 Years)
Died 16.2.38
Buried 23.2.38

Chinese leaders of Singkep (courtesy of Steve Haryono)

1889-1903 - Siem Soen Hwat (L)
1903-1906 - Tjen Ngim Lioeng (L)
1906-1909 - Lie Siauw Hian (L)
1909-1910 - Tjen Ngin Lioeng (L)
1911-1915 - Hie Tiam Fo (L)
1915-1921 - Sho Giok Hian (L)
1921-1931 - Tan Sin Kiat (L) 1931-1934 (KT)


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第7页 广告 专栏 1

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