Ong Siang Lim and Tan Chye Luan

Ong Siang Lim (Ong Siang Lin) father of Ong Seng Kit

The Straits Times 
14 August 1911

Ong Seng Kit
Ong Seng Wee
Ong Seng Thong
Ong Seng Kay
Ong Chew Guat
Ong Chew Har
Ong Chew Hoe
Ong Chew Yan

The Straits Times, 22 August 1911, Page 6

Mrs Ong Guan Swee was the sister of Soh Hong Soon.  She leaves one son Ong Siang Watt
Ong Siang Lim, another son of Ong Gusn Swee, has died days earlier.  She leave 3 daughters, 9 grandsons,  Messrs Ong Seng Kit and Teo Peng Boon and others to mourn her loss.   The funeral takes place on Friday the 25th inst, at the Bukit Timah Road burial ground

In Memory of 
Madam Tan Chye Luan
(Mrs Ong Siang Lin) (Mrs Ong Siang Lim)
Age 70
Died 6th November 1936 
Ong Seng Kit
Ong Seng Wee
Ong Seng Thong 
Ong Seng Kay 
Ong Guek Neo 
Ong Chew Hoe
Ong Chew 
Ong Chwee Wah 
Ong Choon Thiam 
Ong Poh Hiang 
Ong Poh Choon 
Ong Hor Phuay 
Ong Hor Beng 
Ong Poh Geok 
Ong Poh Choo
Ong Poh Kim 
Ong Poh Soon
Ong Nancy
Ong Whatt Neo 
Ong Kim Neo
Ong Heng Neo 
Ong Guat Neo 
Ong Bock Neo
Ong Bock Eng 

The Straits Budget, 12 November 1936, Page 7

Domestic Occurrence.

Malaya Tribune., 13 December 1920, Page 4

Lee Kim Chye 


Malaya Tribune, 18 March 1929, Page 8

Mrs Ong Seng Kit nee Lee Teck Ee, youngest daughter of the late Lee Peck Keng 


The Straits Times, 24 July 1933, Page 10

Koh Siok Kuan 
Age 41, daughter of Koh San Hin and Seow Geok Lin
195 Joo Chiat Road 
Husband : Ong Seng Kit 
Ong Kwee Wah 
Ong Choon Thiam 
Koh Kim Han 

Domestic Occurrence DEATH.

Malaya Tribune, 20 November 1940, Page 10

Mrs Ong Seng Kit nee Quah Lin Neo
Quah Eng Koon 


Syonan Shimbun, 25 August 1945, Page 2