Mr and Mrs Ong Hup Keng

Mr Ong Hup Keng and Mrs Ong Hup Keng nee Yeo Seok Bee

Stone mason : Kian Seng Huat 

Ong Kiew Ann
Ong Geok Choon
玉霞 Ong Geok Har 
玉興 Ong Geok Hin 
玉福 Ong Geok Hock 
福星 Ong Hock Seng 
福來 Ong Hock Lai

Sons in law 
Yeo Cheng Hoe
Tok Peng Leong
Felix Choo

Blk 1 B  Plot 139  140
(Ong Hup Keng, 58 years old)

Malaya Tribune, 18 August 1937, Page 12

Yeo Seok Bee, wife of Ong Hup Keng (of Yeo Bian Chuan and Co) passed away peacefully at the age of 51, at her residence No 155 Pasir Panjang Road, on Tuesday 17th Aug 1937. She leaves behind her husband, one son Ong Kiew Ann, one daughter in law and 5 daughters, Mrs Yeo Cheng Hoe, Mrs Tok Peng Leong, Mrs Felix Choo and Misses Ong Geok Hin, Ong Geok Hock and several grandchildren to mourn their loss. Funeral on Saturdsy 21st August 1937 at 2.30 pm at Bukit Brown. Java and Malacca papers please copy.

Domestic Occurences Deaths
Malaya Tribune 28 January 1938 Page 10

Ong Hup Keng, partner of Messsrs Yeo Bian Chuan and Co., passed away peacefully on 27th January 1938. He leaves behind his son Ong Kiew Ann, three sons-in-law. Messrs Yeo Cheng Hoe, Tok Peng Leong, Felix Choo, one daugher in law and five daughers and several grandchildren. The funeral will take place on Saturday 29th January 1938. The cortege will leave 155 Pasir Panjang Road, at 2.30 pm for Bukit Brown Cemetery


The Straits Times, 25 October 1916, Page 11


Malaya Tribune, 25 August 1933, Page 9

The Straits Times 5 January 1936

Mr. Felix Choo and Miss Madeleine Ong who were married at St. Andrew's Cathedral on Saturday afternoon.
Malaya Tribune, 6 January 1936, Page 13


Sunday Tribune (Singapore), 5 January 1936, Page 1

Felix Choo - son of Choo Tian Lock


The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 19 May 1928, Page 10

Khoo Poh Neo (Mrs Choo Ah Juah), widow of Choo Ah Juah, mothr of Phoebe Choo and

Choo Thian Lock and grandmother of Ida Choo,  Dorothy Choo and Felix Choo