Kum Cheng Soo 甘清泗



Kum Cheng Soo and Lee Hoon Leong act as Oei Tiong Ham attorney during his absence from Singapore. 
Oei Tiong Ham also took over the interest of Chew Joon Hiang in Heap Eng Moh 


Heap Eng Moh & Co. The firm trading under this name is one of the oldest and most important of Chinese steamship agencies in the colony. Established more than thirty years ago, it has played an important part in the development of the local coastal trade, and, of late years, in the trade with Java and Chinese ports. The managing partner is Mr. Chew Joon Hiang. The fleet which the company represent consists of the Zwccna and Evendale (owned by Mr. Chew Joon Hiang) and the Giang Ann, Giang Seng, Merafi, and Simongan (owned by the Samarang Steamship Navigation Company). These vessels maintain a regular fortnightly service between Singapore and Batavia, Cheribon, and Samarang, and a monthly service between Singapore, Swatow, and Amoy. They have good accommodation for all classes of passengers. The Merapi, which is on the China run, is a very up-to-date boat, and can carry 48 first class, 24 second class, and 1,200 deck passengers. The principal partner of the Samarang Steamship Navigation Company is Mayor Oei Teong Ham, a native and resident of Java, and a Dutch subject, who owns several sugar plantations in Java and is one of the best known merchants in the Dutch colony. He has, also, a saw-mill at Kallang Road, Singapore, and other interests in the Straits Settlements. At the Singapore office Mr. Lee Hoon Leong is the right-hand man in the shipping business. He is a native of Singapore and speaks English perfectly, having finished his education at Raffles School.


Both husband and wife died within 4 months of each other 

ST 11 Aug 1923 Pg 8
Mrs Kum Cheng Soo
On August 20, 1923 at 7 Peck Seah Street,
Singapore, wife of Mr Kum Cheng Soo of Kian Guan Tjan
aged 37 years. She leaves 2 sons and 2 daughters. Funeral tomorrow at 10 am to Bukit Brown 

ST 3 Dec 1923

Kum Cheng Soo - Aged 39, at his residence No 32, Tras Street, Singapore on Dec 1, 1923 of apoplexy. Funeral on Wed, the 5th inst to Bukit Timah Burial Ground