Mr and Mrs Seah Ann Seng - 佘安成

Seah Ann Seng - 佘安成



LTA Tag 2083 

Mrs Seah Ann Seng died in 1930 . Since she died before her husband, it is reasonable to believe that the husband put his picture there.  Please note that the son name Cheow Hong was not inscribed in her husband tomb when he died during WW2

Pic of Seah Ann Seng found in Mrs Seah tomb during exhumation (pic courtesy of Helen Seah)

Burial registry of Seah Ann Seng - remains taken from Lorong 3 Geylang and reburied in Bukit Brown on 5 Apr 1944. Lor 3 Geylang has been described as a concentration camp during WW2 . There was a Hindu as well as a Muslim Cemetery there 

It is  possible that he died in a concentration camp in Lor 3 Geylang, buried there and exhumed for reburial in Bukit Brown in Blk 3 D P75

1910 Blue book Seah Ann Seng work as Inspector of Govt Monopolies 

The same uniform as seen on the  photo