Oon Chong Lock

Oon Chong Lock

男 Sons
心清  Sim Cheng
國治 Kok Tee
心光 Sim Kong
加坐 Kay Chay

女 Daughters
端清  Tuan Cheng
端淑 Tuan Siok
端珠 Tuan Choo
端𣲙  Tuan Peng

孫 Grandchildren
明吉  Beng Kiat
明順 Beng Soon
明朱 Beng Choo
明花 Beng Huay

Malaya Tribune 5 March 1928 Page 8


OON - Oon Chong Lock, at his residence, No 5 Everton Road, on March 3.
Age 67. He leaves behind him 4 sons, Mr Oon Sim Cheng, Drs Oon Kock Tee and Oon Sim Kong and Mr Oon Kay Chay, 4 daughters and 24 grandchildren to mourn his loss.  Funeral on Wednesdaya, the 7th instant, at 10 am Bukit Brown Cemetery