Yeo Tiong Wee and Tan Dja Dee Neo

Yeo Tiong Wee and Tan Dja Dee Neo

Tomb close up

Yeo Hock Thye, 
Yeo Hock Leong,
Yeo Hock San,
Yeo Hock Hye, 
Yeo Hock Chwee, 
Yeo Hock Peng, Yeo Hock Seng 

Yeo Tiong Wee died 14th Nov 1924
Tan Dja Dee died 24th Sep 1951

ST 14 Nov 1924 
Death Yeo 

On November 14, 1924 Yeo Tiong Wee aged 59, at his residence No 122 Albert Street. He leaves a widow, a son Yeo Beng Teck, a daughter Mrs Lim Dwan Inn and four grand children. 

 Birth : 同冶五年丙寅三十日邜時建生 1866

The Singapore Free Press, 25th Sep 1951 Pg 8

Mrs Yeo Tiong Wee (nee Tan Ja Dee Neo) aged 86, passed away peacefully at her residence No 285 Jalan Besar on 24.9.51 at 3.15 am, leaving behind her 1 daughter Mrs S K Lim (Yeo Ai Lin) 1 son Yeo Beng Teck, 8 grandsons Yeo Hock Thye, Hock Leong, Hock San, Hock Hye, Hock Chwee, Hock Peng, Hock Seng and Lim Hap Hin, 3 granddaughters , 4 grandsons in law, 4 granddaughters in laws and great grandchildren. Funeral on Sunday , 30th Sep at 10 am to Heap Guan Suah, Pasir Panjang Road 

Birth : 大清同治五年丙寅八月十二日. 
1866 8th month 12th day 


霞陽. Ancestral place : Xiayang

民國拾叁年甲子陽月拾八日. 1924 , 10th month 18th day

顕考諱仲輝楊公府之神主. Spirit tablet of Yeo Tiong Wee
孝男明德. Filial Son Beng Teck
孝女愛麟娘. Filial Daughter Ai Lin
女孫瑞福娘. Granddaughter Swee Hock Neo
孫福泰 Grandson Hock Thye

The tombs have been exhumed due to Tengah development