Mrs See Ewe Boon and Mrs See Ewe Lay

Mrs See Ewe Boon nee Mdm Yeo Kwai Neo and Mrs See Ewe Lay nee Mdm Chia Chee Bee Neo

Mrs See Ewe Boon nee Yeo Kwai Neo 
Sons : See Teong Wah 
See Tiong Teow married Tan Keng Lan
See Tiong Kok 
See Tiong Lock
Daughters : See Kim Lian married to baba Tan Oo Soo
See Cheng Lian married to Mr Lee Cheng Hock
See Chwee Lian, married to Lee Chek Ham
See Siew Lian married Chew Swee Lin, 3rd son of Chew Jim Him

Mrs See Ewe Lay nee Chia Chee Bee Neo

Sons : 
See Tiow Hyong (Seet Tiow Hyong) 
See Tiow Kiat (Seet Tiow Kiat) 
See Tiow Eng (Seet Tiow Eng) 
Daughters : 
See Wan Har (Seet Wan Har) 
See Sai Guat (Seet Sai Guat) Mrs Soh Peng Siong 
See Wan Kim (Seet Wan Kim) 

Burial entry 
Blk 2 D plot no 221
74 years old (born circa 1860) 

Eastern Daily Mail and Straits Morning Advertiser, 5 September 1906, Page 3