Dr S K Lim

Dr S K Lim - Lim Soon Kian, husband of Yeo Ai Lin

Blk 4C Plot 397

In Loving Memory of
Dr Lim Soon Kian 
Died 22nd October 1933
Age 33 years 

1st wife Thio Kim Loen Neo 


The Straits Times, 12 July 1917, Page 6

Dr Lim Soon Kian was president of the Medical Students' Recreation Club in 1913 in the Govt Medical School in Singapore. At that time, the school was offering only Licentiates in Medicine and Surgery (Diploma)  It seem he then took his medical degree from the University of Hongkong
In 1917 Lim Soon Kian married Miss Thio Kim Loen Neo, eldest daughter of Thio Soen Yang, Captain China of Bandjermasin and sister of Thio Kim Chuan of Aik Leong Chan and Co of Singapore.


The Straits Times, 1 November 1918, Page 8

Unfortunately his wife Thio Kim Loen died the next year in 1918 from influzena

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Death of Yeo Ai Lin.  Her son 
Lim Hap Hin was a pioneer magician 

Malayan Tribune 1936 Dec 08
The wedding photo of Mr Lim Hap Hin, proprietor of Messrs H H Lim and Co , only son of Mrs S K Lim and Miss Chua Swee Lan, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Chua Tian Chong