Goh Hood Keng’s mother 吳門薛孫娘

Goh Hood Keng’s mother Mrs Goh Kim Swee

In Loving Memory of Our Highly Esteemed Mother

Erected in remembrance of a life full of devotion and filled with love
Seet Soon Neo
Born 2nd Day of the Third Moon
Died 19th Jan 1917
Aged 57

Sons :
Goh Hood Kee
Goh Hood Keng
Goh Hood Seng
Goh Hood Keat
Goh Hood Teck
Goh Chin Neo

Goh Boo Lat 
Goh Boo Eng
Goh Chit Neo
Goh Oh Neo 




The Straits Times, 23 March 1921, Page 8

Goh Kim Swee was buried at Bidadari when he died in Mar 21 


Goh Hood Keng (b. 27 February 1888, Singapore–d. 30 January 1961, Singapore) was the first Straits Chinese to be ordained a Methodist minister. He taught at the Anglo-Chinese School for almost 20 years and spent nearly four decades preaching at the Straits Chinese Methodist Church.

Early life and conversion
Goh’s parents were devout Buddhist Peranakans who nonetheless enrolled him at the Methodist-run Anglo-Chinese School when he was six years old. Curious about Methodism, he attended chapel, read the Bible and concluded that Christianity offered truth and the path to self-improvement. Many Chinese back then despised Christianity for prohibiting ancestor worship and his decision to convert angered his friends and family. His mother accused him of trying to be Westernised and made him worship idols three times daily, while his father shunned and threatened to disown him. However, Goh’s initially secret conversion in 1905 was eventually accepted. His father and three of his four siblings followed his lead, and his mother acknowledged that Christianity had made him a better person.