Wee Hong Yan

Wee Hong Yan 黃豐淵

瑞珠 Wee Swee Choo 

Straits Times 28 Apr 1923

On Apr 27, 1923 at Onyx, 81 Devonshire Road, at 10 pm, Wee Hong Yan, age 45. Funeral Tue May 1

ST 3 May 1923

Mr Wee Hum Soon and family thank their friends, relatives, and members of Straits Social Club, The City Club for their kind attendance at the funeral of the late Wee Hong Yan  and also those who sent wreaths and letters of condolences

Wee Hong Yan was buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery, Blk 1 A Tomb No 75


Malaya Tribune 7 Aug 1929 

Wee Hum Soon died on Aug 6, 1929 at 81 Devonshire Road at the age of 75

As recorded in Wee Boon Whatt 1883 tombstone,  Hong Yan was listed as a grandson,  whereas Hum Boon was listed as a son.


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