Khoo Teng Cheow

Khoo Teng Cheow

In Loving Memory of
Khoo Teng Cheow 
Died 20th of Tenth Moon It Thiu Year 
Age 61

In Loving Memory of 
Yeo Sah Neo,

Picture courtesy of Roy Koh. Coloured by
Left to right :
Choon Neo, Choon Geok, Yeo Sah Neo, Tiong Swee, Tiong Lim, Khoo Teng Cheow, Quee Lim 
Khoo Tiong Lip (not in picture) was assistant manager to his Father in law Chua Boon Quay in Kim Ching
rice mill in Bangkok

Tiong Lip
Tiong Swee
Tiong Lim
Quee Lim

Choon Neo
Choon Geok

Grandsons : Tiang Hai

Khoo Teng Cheow died 4 Dec 1925 at the age of 61, Buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery  Blk 1 B tomb no 103, 104