Dr Chan Jim Swee

Dr Chan Jim Swee
廈門 Amoy 
民國卅三年九月十七日 1944 
顯考任瑞曾公 Chan Jim Swee 
陳鳳英 Wife Tan Hong Eng 
女 Daughters 
俊娘 Chan Choon Neo 
俊嬌 Chan Choon Keow

 Syonan Shimbum, 19 Oct 1943, Page 2


Dr Chan Jim Swee of the New Market Road Clinic,  aged 47, passed away peacefully at the Chuo Byoin on Friday (Oct 15, 2603), leaving behind his wife, two daughters, two brothers and two sisters to mourn his loss. Funeral took place on Saturday (Oct 16, 2603)at Bukit Brown Cemetery. His family wish to tender their heartfelt thanks to those relatives and friends who sent wreaths and attended his funeral.

His burial entry shows he was a Hokkien, with ancestry place as Xiamen inscribed in the tomb.

He is buried in Bukit Brown Cemetery, Blk 3 A, Tomb No P214


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