Father of Yeo Koon Ho and Yeo Choon Neo 楊秉直

霞陽, 道光十六年

坤和, 坤福, 坤祥
Yeo Koon Ho, Yeo Koon Hock, Yeo Koon Siang
心娘, 春娘, 溪娘
Yeo Sim Neo, Yeo Choon Neo, Yeo Kay Neo 

Song Ong Siang One Hundred Years’ History of the Chinese in Singapore : 

Ong Sam Leong’s widow (Yeo Hean Neo) belongs to an old ‘Yeo’ family, several members of which were of the Christian faith: an aunt being the  first wife of the late Mr Song Hoot Kiam, and an uncle being the well-known Yeo Koon Ho (alias Toleap Young). His surviving daughter is the wife of Khoo Pek Lock, the third son of Khoo Phee Soon, at one time one of the leading shipowners and rice merchants of Singapore