Chua Yan Leng 蔡延齡 and Tan Hong Neo

Chua Yan Leng , one of the 36 founders of Keng Teck Whay

Tomb of Chua Yan Leng and Tan Hong Neo (daughter of Tan Che Sang)

Chua Yan Leng together with Lee Boon Yean. were appointed executors of Tan Che Sang estate according to a title deed of his building/godown on North Boat Quay. I was wondering then why Chua Yan Leng was the executor, but he could be if his wife was Che Sang's daughter. The other daughter other than Tan Hong Neo mentioned in his title deed was Tan Peng Neo of Singapore. The title deed was about leaving his building/godown as an ancestral heritage. It was also mentioned in the title deed that Chua Yen Leng died in 1848 (matches this tomb as well) and Lee Boon Yean died in 1857