Chua Moh Choon Grave 蔡茂春義興縂理

Chua Moh Choon’ s tomb replica found in Chestnut nature park
(Ming tomb)

|Tomb of Chua Moh Choon, circa 1987

The 19th century tombstone of Chua Moh Choon (蔡茂春), a businessman and chief of Singapore's largest secret society, the Ghee Hock Kongsee.  Inscriptions on the tombstone indicates that he had five wives. The tomb of Chua Moh Choon which was uncovered in an area between Ang Mio Mio Avenue 1 and Upper Thomson Road in 1987.
Chua Moh Choon was also known as "Choa Moh Choon" or "Chuah Moh Choon"

Taken from book 义顺社区发展史, page 140