Ang Kim Tee 洪錦池

Ang Kim Tee 洪錦池

Blk 3 B,  plot No 57, 70
Re-interred on 9 Apr 1932

玉和 - Ang Geok Hoe, 1861, died 7 Oct 1898, 37 years old (married to Tan Jiak Kim), tomb in CCK
(already passed away before Ang Kim Tee, hence not listed on tomb)
玉瑄 - Ang Geok Suan, married to Khoo (died 1st Feb 1911, sons Khoo Tiam Ann) - reburied in BB,
玉雲 - Ang Geok Hoon born 20th Feb 1872, died 27th Apr 1947 (married to Lim Tek Wee) buried in BB
玉軒 - Ang Geok Hean 1878, Died 11 Aug 1911, 33 years old , buried in England (married to Tan Jiak Kim)
玉蘭 - Ang Geok Lan,1879, Died 1 Oct 1925, 46 years old (married to Tan Jiak Kim) buried in CCK
玉桂 - Ang Geok Kwee, married to Lim from Kinmen, died 1915 (reburied in BB 10.4.32) in Blk 3B 178

Ang Geok Khuan, married to Tan Keong Sum

Malaya Tribune 1932 Jan 16

19 graves to be exhumed belonging to the estate of Ang Kim Tee and Ang Teow Guan