Chia Ong Cheng’s father Chia Khye Kak

Chia Ong Cheng’s father Chia Khye Kak 

Born Nov 1826
Died 27 Feb 1907

His Son Chia Ong Cheng Died Oct 3, 1908

男 Sons
鴻珍 Chia Ong Tin
鴻鐘 Chia Ong Cheng 
女 Daughters
鳳娘 Chia Hong Neo
鸾娘 Chia Luan Neo
瑞娘 Chia Swee Neo
孫 Grandsons
明吉 Chia Beng Kiat
貴榮 Chia Quee Eng
寶春 Chia Poh Choon
明順 Chia Beng Soon
福財 Chia Hock Chye, Son of Chia Ong Cheng 
寶福 Chia Poh Hock

domestic Occurrence.
Malaya Tribune., 18 May 1918, Page 4

Chia Ong Tin died on May 18, 1918, aged 56 years,
Father of 
Chia Quee Eng
Chia Poh Choon 
Chia Poh Hock 

The Straits Times, 18 April 1925, Page 8

Mr Chia Poh Hock, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Chia Ong Tin, brother of
Messrs Chia Quee Eng and Chia Poh Choon, is engaged to Miss Gan Eng Neo
eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Gan Chye Kiew

Malaya Tribune., 28 January 1926

The Lunar Cafe will be closed today at 5 pm. The occasion being the marriage of Mr Chua Poh Choon

Malaya Tribune, 13 May 1933, Page 18

Chia Quee Eng alias Joh Baptist Chia filed his own petition in the Bankruptcy Court