Cheong Ann Bee and two wives 鍾安美與夫人

Cheong Ann Bee 鍾安美

坤成 Cheong Koon Seng
坤芳 Cheong Koon Hong
坤玉 Cheong Koon Geok
Can’t be seen clearly ( names from first wife)
英娘 Cheong Eng Neo
惠娘 Cheong Hui Neo
珠娘 Cheong Choo Neo
連娘 Cheong Lian Neo

Tomb date listed as 1888 but Cheong Ann Bee was known to have died on March 1896 . Cheong Whye Keng which was inscribed in his first wife tomb was missing from this tombstone . Cheong Whye Keng himself passed away on 1902 Lunar 3rd month from date inscribed on his tombstone 

Mrs Cheong Ann Bee nee Wee Sin Neo  鐘門黃新娘

光緒式拾伍年 (3rd month of 1899)

清顕妣謚新娘鍾門黃氏之墓  Wee Sin Neo

懷慶 Cheong Whye Keng
坤成 Cheong Koon Seng
坤芳 Cheong Koon Hong
英娘 Cheong Eng Neo
惠娘 Cheong Wee Neo 
珠娘 Cheong Choo Neo
連娘 Cheong Lian Neo

Mrs Cheong Ann Bee nee Tan Huay Neo 鍾門陳花娘 

中華民國十六年 (1st day of 3rd month, 1927) 

坤成 Cheong Koon Seng 1880
坤芳 Cheong Koon Hong 1883
寿娘 Cheong Siew Neo
振娘 Cheong Chin Neo
雪娘 Cheong Seok Neo 1876
位娘 Cheong Wee Neo
秋娘 Cheong Chew Neo
蓮娘 Cheong Lian Neo

Cheong Hock Chye 1900
Cheong Hock Quee (son of Cheong Whye Keng ?)
Cheong Hock Guan
Cheong Hock Leng 
Cheong Hock Huat 1923
Cheong Keong Poh
Cheong Keong Tee
Cheong Keong Tuan
Cheong Keong Choo
Cheong Keong Hiok
Cheong Keong Hee

Great Grandchildren
Cheong Thiam Siew
Cheong Liang Neo

Burial entry 
Tan Wah Neo 
Blk 2 C plot no 120 
Age 74 years old 


The Straits Times, 8 April 1927, Page 8

Cheong Keong Ann eldest daughter of Cheong Koon Seng passed away on 11th Aug 1924 at the age of 19 (born

The Straits Times, 19 December 1908, Page 6

1908 - 55 years  ie born 1853

1910 26th Dec , 56 years 

The Straits Times, 2 January 1924, Page 10

1924 2 Jan, 70 years