Ang Teow Guan 洪兆元 and Tan Yean Neo 陳淵娘

Ang Teow Guan and Tan Yean Neo

Blk 3 A, P 287
Date of Death : 1899 1 day before Duanwu Jie (5th day of Lunar 5th month) at age 36

Lat Pau 1899 Oct 23 issue

Tan Keong Sum 陳恭三 lament over the early death of Ang Teow Guan, published in Lat Pau, 1899. He died in 1899, at the age of 36. Tan Keong Sum was famous for his Accounts of Travels in Vietnam, published in 1888 by Singapore Lat Pau 

Malaya Tribune

19 graves to be exhumed belonging to the estate of Ang Kim Tee and Ang Teow Guan