Tan Keng Hoon 陳慶雲

Tan Keng Hoon

Tomb of Tan Keng Hoon (died 1877) and his wife Ang Luan Hong:
Reinterred in Bukit Brown in 1943
From 100 years history of the Chinese in Singapore by Song Ong Siang
In Dec (1892), Mr Justice Wood heard and dismissed the suit brought by Tan Koon San, who claimed to be entitled to a share in the estate of the late Tan Keng Hoon as his son by an alleged 2nd wife, married according to the usual Chinese customs, or in the alternative as his adopted son, who had been recognised as a member of the family by the widow, Ang Luan Hong, who had appointed him her attorney to manage the estate of the deceased in Saigon.

Tan Keng Hoon was born in Singapore, was Opium Farmer in Saigon at the time of his death in 1877.
He left considerable property in both places, including the well known Bukit Pasoh estate. Dying intestate, the whole of his great wealth eventually passed to his only daughter, Tan Yean Neo, who married Ang Teow Guan, the son of Ang Kim Cheak.

Tan Keng Hoon, his wife Ang Luan Hong, Ang Teow Guan, his wife Tan Yean Neo's tombs were affected by development in Kampong Ampat in 1943, and were re-interred at Bukit Brown Heritage Park. Another tomb Tan Choo Neo, also from Kampong Ampat relationship is still being researched.